My name is Kate Voltz and I am second year design student at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, majoring in Visual Communications.

As a child, I was constantly putting together what some people may consider “strange” or “outlandish” outfits. Some people found my style as “weird”, especially as I got older, because I was not wearing the current “it” thing. But no matter how many people hated my style, I had just as many people who loved my style.

What I love about Fashion and Art in general is that it is constantly changing and open for change. You are able to push the limits  and break the pre-conceived rules. My goal is to do the same. I want to question why we have created certain rules and see what happens if they are broken. I am sure that there will be some faux-pas along the way, but how boring would life be if we never made a few faux-pas along the way?

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