Versace collection showcase

June 10, 2011 § 6 Comments

Yesterday I had the honor of attending the Versace Collection Showcase at Neiman Marcus. I am really not a big fan of Versace, but I thought the showcase was very interesting. Kate Lanphear, the style director of Elle magazine, led it and talked about the theme and different styles of this seasons collection. The concept of the event was nice and interesting. Basically, you probably could have gotten on the list if you spent enough of your husbands money at Neiman Marcus, and the women screamed tacky wealthy house wives. Everything Kate Lanphear had to say was pretty interesting, but I was still distracted by the brightly colored aging women seated around me. I was a fish out of water. But this whole thing felt like more of a sales pitch rather than a fashion show, yet there were still interesting parts to this whole thing.

So according to Kate Lanphear, Donatella’s inspiration was sixties and especially Edie Sedgwick. She was also inspired by a military elements and jewel tones. Leather was used as a lot of accents and Baroque and serpent like designs found their ways through out the collection. If you do not like Versace and are not a fan of looking like a wife from the movie “Goodfellas”, then most of this collection is not for you. But surprisingly there were some pieces that were elegant and subtle enough like this first dress I have posted below. Other than that, it was the normal and expected styles for a Versace collection.

Below I have posted pictures of the pieces displayed at this showcase.















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