April 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

For those of you who read my blog, I am sorry for not updating it lately. I have been totally consumed in creating a Art Show based on the work of my preschool kids. It is finally done and my life can go back to somewhat normal. Below are some pictures of the stuff in the art show. Basically, my kids and I worked on Photography this year so I had them try out three different kinds of cameras starting with disposable then going to polaroid and then ending with digital. The kids took all the pictures and made the crazy light sculpture, I came up with the concept of how to present the work. I made a Stencil and airbrushed it onto wood boards covered in chalk board paint. The parents of the kids donated all the frames and the kids painted them. The frames were then hung on the wood boards which were mounted to the walls.

me standing in front of my display

close up of the finished frames and pictures on the wall

close up of the finished frames and pictures on the wall

display with pictures and stencil showing

light- up chair sculpture that the kids made

one side of the display

view of polaroid and wood camera wall

all in all I think it came out very very well.


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